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Accelerated research therapy

Researchers at the University of South Florida College of Nursing are seeking volunteers to be a research study of Accelerated Resolution Therapy, for treatment of moderate to severe neuropathic pain.  Refer to study Pro00020802

The purpose of this study is to:

1)  Evaluate the effects of Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART), a type of psychotherapy that can be delivered in just 1-5 sessions, over a 1-2 week time period, without medication, on pain severity and interference in participants with moderate to severe neuropathic pain.

2)  Evaluate the effects of ART on other healthy conditions, including depressive symptoms, anxiety, sleep quality, and quality of life in participants with moderate to severe neuropathic pain.

You can take part in this study if you meet the following criteria:

You will not be eligible to take part in the study if you have had surgery, an invasive procedure, or major physical trauma within last 6 weeks, or have an implanted pain device (nerve stimulator, pain pump, etc.), have severe depressive symptoms or cognitive impairment.

The time commitment on your part will be 5-6 hours in total.  One to one and half hours of this would be spent filling out questionnaires and the rest of the time would be spent getting ART therapy.  From 1-5 sessions of ART therapy will be necessary.  The time you spend in ART therapy will depend on how you respond to it.

Potential benefits from being in the study include reductions in pain and possible improvement in quality of life as a result of having less pain.

You will not receive any monetary compensation for taking part in this study.

If you are interested in being in this study please contact the Principle Investigator Cindy Tofthagen at (813) 396-9441 or by email at ctofthag@health.usf.edu [1]. (Recruiting through January 2016)