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FPN Launches Ambassador Committee | Volunteer Today!


The Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy [1] (FPN) announces the launch of the FPN Ambassador Committee that will help the staff and Board of Directors advance the mission to find better treatments and a cure for peripheral neuropathy (PN). This volunteer committee will be focused on advocating and raising awareness for PN and/or raising money to support the Foundation’s world-class scientists, top-notch programs, and groundbreaking research.

The Foundation is a 100% donor-funded organization that supports a patient population of over 20 million Americans, and more around the world.  As a Foundation with both a small staff and a commitment to funding the expensive scientific research needed to arrive at a cure, FPN benefits enormously from every additional dollar or volunteer hour that is received. Simply put, given the sheer number of patients affected by PN today, your opportunity to have a positive impact on millions of lives (by working hand-in-hand with the Foundation) is considerable. We are so grateful for your support on the new Fundraising and Awareness Committee!

To learn more about volunteering with FPN, please contact Nancy Frohman, Director of Development and Marketing, at nancy@tffpn.org [2].

Click here to join the FPN Ambassador Committee [3]


  1. To model the way by committing to attend FPN programs and events (offered locally and virtually) and by choosing the Foundation as your charity of choice.
  2. To reach out to other FPN subscribers, donors and PN patients through personal interactions (by phone, email, in person, and through social media) to emphasize the Foundation’s message of raising awareness of peripheral neuropathy.
  3. To maximize the reach of Foundation communications and fundraising appeals by promoting them within your personal network.


Do you have professional, business, or other skills, expertise or talents to share? We would love to hear from you!

As a member of the Ambassador Committee, we encourage you to actively collaborate with FPN staff and keep them apprised of your projects and interests.


Join FPN’s new Ambassador Volunteer Committee today!

To learn more about volunteering with FPN on the Ambassador Committee, please contact Nancy Frohman, Director of Development and Marketing, at nancy@tffpn.org [2] and let her know what you’re interested in helping with.