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After Peripheral Neuropathy Awareness Week: Let’s keep the momentum going!

Keep building peripheral neuropathy awareness!

It was a busy and exciting time for us at the Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy, as we focused building peripheral neuropathy awareness.

We thank our network, our supporters and our partners for their efforts leading up to as well as during the week.   With their help, and your help, we have seen the numbers of patients we support increase through a growing network of online followers and email base.   We have developed engaging resources that allowed us, and you, to share the true extent of peripheral neuropathy’s impact.   And we developed media interest in hearing the peripheral neuropathy story.

We hope that, through this raised attention, we can help more patients and focus more resources for research and a cure.

But we don’t need to end our awareness campaign this week!  Let’s keep the momentum going!

The Foundation’s mission is to dramatically improve the lives of people living with peripheral neuropathy. If you have any interest in helping us or learning more about our programs and research efforts, please contact us at info@tffpn.org [5].