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5 Suggestions for Surviving the Holidays with Peripheral Neuropathy

  1. Plan Ahead – So much stress comes from the last-minute rush to get things done. Make lists and assign jobs to others. Prioritize and minimize!
  2. Be Mindful Not to Overextend Yourself – It is so easy to over extend yourself during this time of year – with food, money, time and energy! Don’t be shy about accepting offers of help. So when a guests asks “what can I bring” to your dinner party your answer should be “dessert or an appetizer!” And when you visit friends and family set expectations frankly about how you can contribute and participate.
  3. If you are Traveling, Check your Bag – It might cost you something extra but not having to deal with luggage through the terminal and the narrow aisles of the airplane means your hands will be free and your balance unimpaired so that you can move around safely. It also means you might just have extra room in the luggage for the slippers that feel so good on your feet or the extra pillow that helps you sleep better.
  4. Set Reminders to Take your Medications – Traveling, house guests, time off from work and so much more can disrupt your daily routine. Use your smart phone, computer and even your alarm clock to set reminders to take your medications on time.
  5. Make and Take Time for Yourself – Do your best to eat healthily, get the rest you need and to continue your exercise routines. These healthy habits will help you maintain strength, energy and positive attitude.