Become an Ambassador for Peripheral Neuropathy Awareness!

Become an Ambassador!

Whether it’s for Peripheral Neuropathy Awareness Week or beyond, you can help us continue to be the voice of the more than the estimated 30 million patients with peripheral neuropathy.

  • Have some ideas on how to get people to know about peripheral neuropathy and National Peripheral Neuropathy Awareness Week?   Let us know what you want to do!
  • Want to host a local fundraiser like the one organized by our staff member at Orangetheory Fitness Randhust Village?   We can give you ideas to get you started!
  • Have insights into engaging and expanding our online community?   Let us hear from you!
  • Want to help us keep up the focus on peripheral neuropathy beyond Peripheral Neuropathy Awareness week? Join the FPN Ambassador committee.   The FPN Ambassadors generously give their time and talent to spread awareness, raise funds, and engage and expand our media presence.   You can find information here!


Contact Nancy at if you want to get involved!

No action is too big or too small; every little bit helps!