Spread the Word for Peripheral Neuropathy Awareness!

Spread the Word!

For Peripheral Neuropathy Awareness Week, we need people to hear about peripheral neuropathy and the number of people it affects. We need to raise the profile of peripheral neuropathy to reach more funding for research and for a cure.

Awareness Tools:

These are resources you can use in your campaigns to spread the word about peripheral neuropathy:

  • Logos: You can use the logos for online, printed items, or add to your email signature.
  • Social Media Shareables: Use these images at the top of your Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn), change your profile picture, or share the posts about peripheral neuropathy.
  • Posters or PN Brochure: Share these poster online or print to use for an event or to put up in your community.   You can share these brochures to spread awareness about peripheral neuropathy.
  • Video: Share this video on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter,  LinkedIn, or email.
  • Include the hashtags #CallOutPeripheralNeuropathy, #PeripheralNeuropathyAwareness, or #SupporttheFoundationforPeripheralNeuropathy in your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram posts.

Help us spread the word about peripheral neuropathy!