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Walter van Woudenberg & Saskia Keyes Support FPN's Quest for Research Findings

Father/Daughter Support FPN’s Quest for Research Findings

Walter van Woudenberg and Saskia Keyes Support FPN’s Quest for Research Findings Specific to Idiopathic Neuropathy

When idiopathic neuropathy struck Walter van Woudenberg at age 55 in the late 1990s, he was surprised by the lack of information and understanding of the disease. Walter scanned the available literature, visited with neurologists, and tried many of the “cures” offered by various supplement websites, chiropractors, and electrical stimulation techniques such as “TENS” options and machines. He found little or no relief in any of them.

Then in 2008, when his daughter Saskia Keyes also displayed symptoms of PN, they started their quest for relief together. Disappointed in most of the offered “cures” and reluctant to be subjected to the negative side effects of the many common drug options, Walter and Saskia focused on whole body wellness, with specific attention to fitness, daily workout routines, best possible diet, and holistic treatments such as massage, acupuncture and vitamin supplements from reputable sources.

Says Saskia (age 43): “We found extensive information on diet and drug treatments, but most of it was pretty old, and did not provide much by way of latest research or findings to provide non drug relief for idiopathic PN. As daughter and father, we share information and try out new techniques to get relief.”

Walter (age 71): “I find that a pretty rigorous daily workout routine and muscle stimulation is essential in delaying the inevitable progression of the disease. If I skip a few days of exercise, the PN symptoms are heightened, and sleep as well as daytime functioning is adversely affected. I cycle, walk, ski, practice yoga, and stay in the best shape possible.”

In August 2017, Walter and Saskia each pledged $5,000 to fund the Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy’s quest for research findings specific to idiopathic peripheral neuropathy. Their gifts aim to assemble the latest science on all of the options available to help sufferers of idiopathic neuropathy select the best relief for their affliction.

Hoping to support the Foundation’s mission to dramatically improve the lives of people with peripheral neuropathy, Walter and Saskia challenge you to add to their donation and help advance research for idiopathic peripheral neuropathy.

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