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The concept of living well reflects the best achievable state of health–physical, mental and social–for those with peripheral neuropathy and also for their families and friends. The resources found here will make you better informed, more hopeful and empowered to take on the daily challenges of living with PN.

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Healthy Lifestyle
Physical fitness is not the sole basis of being healthy; being healthy means being can mentally and emotionally fit.


Complementary Therapies
Explore conventional, complementary, alternative and integrative approaches to healthcare.


Research News
Find the latest news on Peripheral Neuropathy research and published scientific articles.


Support Groups
State by state directory of local support groups plus resources for group leaders.


Neurologist Directory
State by state list of neurologists recommended by patients and board members with special interest in PN.


FPN Media Center

A collection of  peripheral neuropathy educational resources, videos, brochures, and transcripts for patients, caregivers, physicians, and more.


Medication, Supplement & Vitamin Database
Proprietary access to food, herbs and supplements/wellness database.


Interaction, Nutrient Depletion & Effectiveness Checker
Proprietary access to drug interaction guide and database.