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Salmans Giving Society

Join us in celebrating the remarkable generosity of Van Salmans, a devoted supporter and current board member of the Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy. Through his unwavering commitment, a new leadership giving level, the “Salmans Giving Society,” has been established, recognizing donors who contribute an annual gift of $2,500 or more to advance our mission.

Van’s Story

Van’s journey with peripheral neuropathy (PN) began in 1998, marking the onset of a gradual progression that presented increasing challenges in mobility and balance. His experience resonates with millions worldwide, where PN, affecting an estimated 30 million people, presents daily obstacles often stemming from causes like diabetes or chemotherapy. For Van and many others, the condition’s origins remain unknown, underscoring the urgency of research efforts.

In 2015, the incorporation of AFOs (ankle foot orthotics) into Van’s life became indispensable, offering crucial support for navigating daily activities. From maneuvering through crowded airports with the aid of a cane to navigating smoother surfaces for stability, each adjustment underscored the resilience and adaptability required in living with PN.

Turning a Diagnosis into Philanthropic Action

“To make lives better for us and those that follow, we must continue to fund research to find treatments and cures for this insidious disease. Join me in supporting FPN—your gift makes a difference.” –Van Salmans

While PN may not pose an immediate threat to life, its impact on quality of life is profound. Through the Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy, Van has dedicated himself to addressing this challenge. As a member of the board, he contributes to advancing research initiatives aimed at finding new treatments and, ultimately, a cure for PN.

Join us in honoring Van Salmans and his commitment to the PN community. Together, let’s continue the fight against peripheral neuropathy and work towards a future free from its limitations. 

Van and Sue Salmans (June 2024)

Salmans, a proud native Texan, pursued his academic journey across the United States. He obtained his B.A. in economics from Stanford University in California before furthering his education with an M.B.A. in marketing and finance from the University of Chicago. Currently, he divides his time between the bustling city of Chicago and the serene landscapes of Arizona, where he resides with his wife, Sue.