Tell Us Your Story! #PeripheralNeuropathyAwareness 2022

With more than 30 million patients in the US suffering from peripheral neuropathy, more people should know about the disease. And even with the number of people suffering from peripheral neuropathy, people often feel very alone.

Tell us your story, so that we may share it with others, some who need to understand more and some who need to know they are not alone. Either way, you will inspire others.

Here’s how you can do it:

Write Your Story:

Write your story, following this format:

  1. Tell us a little about yourself
  2. What is your connection to peripheral neuropathy?
  3. When and how were you diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy? Who diagnosed your PN?
  4. What type of PN do you have?
  5. How have you been managing your PN?
  6. What’s the number one thing that helps you manage PN the best?
  7. What do you wish people knew about PN?
  8. What inspires you to face peripheral neuropathy head-on and how do you do it?
  9. What advice would you give others going through the same journey?
  10. What is your motto to live by?

Submit Your Story

Submit your story here.

We publish a Faces of PN every month, highlighting stories of inspiration from our constituents and friends. We may publish yours! 


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