Hereditary Neuropathy Disorders


Hereditary motor, sensory or autonomic neuropathies refer to a group of nerve disorders that lead to weakness, sensory abnormalities or autonomic dysfunction that are due to genetic abnormalities. The genetic abnormality sometimes can be passed on from parents to children. For several of these conditions, the genetic defect is known, and tests are available for the diagnosis and prenatal counseling.

Two most common hereditary neuropathies are:

A Story of Hope:
Joe and Dana Bacon

Joe and Dana Bacon’s story is a story of hope. They personify all that is good in this world: love, strength, determination. They make you BELIEVE anything is possible. 

The Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy spoke to Joe and Dana about their life, their inspirations, Dana’s battle with and acceptance of small fiber neuropathy, and Joe’s upcoming Race for a Cure at the Baltimore Marathon.