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Georgetown Tai Chi Classes

Georgetown, TX
Thursdays: 9:30 am – 11:30 am

Neuropathy Alliance of Texas offers a weekly Tai Chi class designed to help neuropathy patients.  The results of several clinical studies suggest that regular participation in Tai Chi helps with balance, circulation, muscle strength and stress release.  Based on your feedback we have lined up Norm Grill, a Tai Chi instructor with over 25 years of experience.  The classes are $60.00 for 12 week cycle or $5 per class and are open to anyone interested in the benefits of Tai Chi.

To learn about the class we are developing in Austin or to register for this class, email or call (512) 784-2627.


Austin Tai Chi Classes

Austin, TX

Level 1:  Tuesday and Friday 9-10 am
Level 2:  Monday and Thursday 9-10 am

Neuropathy Alliance of Texas offers two Tai Chi classes designed to help neuropathy patients. Julie Wylie is the Tai Chi instructor. The Level 1 class is free for the 12 week cycle and open to anyone interested in the benefits of Tai Chi.  Level 2 is $3 per class and open to those graduating from the Level 1 (12 week class). To learn about this class or to register for this class, email or call (512) 784-2627.

Upcoming Events

Save the Date! Neuropathy Awareness Week 2017

Neuropathy Awareness Week 2017 has been confirmed for May 7-13, 2017

Watch here for news and information.