Spread peripheral neuropathy awareness

More people should be aware of peripheral neuropathy (PN)

Despite affecting approximately 30 million Americans, and more people world-wide, the condition isn’t as well known as it should be. Together, let’s spread peripheral neuropathy awareness to help expedite diagnoses, create more research funding and expand advocacy opportunities.

Make more people aware of peripheral neuropathy (PN): celebrate awareness week May 7-13

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Promote 2023 awareness week

We work to increase awareness year round, but the first full week in May is peripheral neuropathy awareness week when we really push to mobilize the PN community. Share our graphics with your communities to expand our reach.

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Share your story

Tell a friend your story. Share your experience with diagnosis, treatment or daily life adjustments that help contribute to a high quality of life for you or a loved one after PN has entered the picture. Use our graphics to help draw attention to PN and our collective cause to fund more treatments, and someday, cures. You can even submit your story for possible inclusion in our print newsletter or blog, just fill out the form.

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Thank your support community

No one fights peripheral neuropathy alone. Whether you want to print a postcard and mail it to your sister to thank her for making you dinner when you couldn’t manage to use your hands, or you want to post on social to thank your whole network for their support, we’ve got the materials for you to do it.

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Vote, advocate for peripheral neuropathy

Show up at the polls. Write to your representatives. Talk to your neighbor about PN and what can be done with more research funding.

Learn more about advocacy opportunities.

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Learn more, educate others

Our free resource library is constantly growing. Whether you’re learning about your initial options as a newly diagnosed patient, or about a parent’s condition so you can offer more support, there are resources.

Check out even more of our resources, like our webinar archive and blog.

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Volunteer opportunities

Volunteers are key to our success. They work with our small Foundation staff to advance our mission and improve the lives of the approximately 30 million people with PN.

Learn about our volunteer opportunities.

Stats tell the story

image of woman with stat: 1 in 15 Americans has PN
image of woman with text: 70% of diabetics get PN
image of man with stat: over 100 causes of PN

Let’s increase awareness of PN. Approximately 30 million people in the US are estimated to have some form of peripheral neuropathy, but this figure may be significantly higher as not all people with symptoms are tested for the disease, and tests currently do not look for all forms of neuropathy. More than 100 types of peripheral neuropathy have been identified, but over 20% of those diagnosed have ‘idiopathic’ PN, meaning the cause is unknown. More research funding could help reduce that percentage, and lead to more breakthroughs in treatments, and eventually, cures.

Learn more about peripheral neuropathy from the National Institutes of Health.

diverse group of people to represent vast reach of peripheral neuropathy
Join us in improving the lives of peripheral neuropathy patients.
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