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Become an FPN Ambassador!



Join the FPN Ambassador Committee and help the staff and Board of Directors advance the mission to improve the lives of patients living with peripheral neuropathy.

The Foundation is a 100% donor-funded organization that supports a patient population of almost 30 million Americans, and more around the world. As a Foundation with both a small staff and a commitment to providing educational resources for patients with PN and to funding the expensive scientific research needed to arrive at a cure, FPN benefits enormously from every additional dollar or volunteer hour that is received. Simply put, given the sheer number of patients affected by PN today, your opportunity to have a positive impact on millions of lives (by working hand-in-hand with the Foundation) is considerable.

Join the FPN Ambassador Committee today!

To learn more about volunteering with FPN, please contact us at [email protected].


  1. To model the way by committing to attend FPN programs and events (offered locally and virtually) and by choosing the Foundation as your charity of choice.
  2. To reach out to other FPN subscribers, donors and PN patients through personal interactions (by phone, email, in person, and through social media) to emphasize the Foundation’s message of raising awareness of peripheral neuropathy.
  3. To maximize the reach of Foundation communications and fundraising appeals by promoting them within your personal network.


  • Spread awareness of peripheral neuropathy and of the Foundation by:
    • Referring your friends and families to the Foundation for questions regarding peripheral neuropathy
    • Pitching to your local media to do a story on PN and FPN
    • Hosting a Parlor Meeting: A strategic event that gathers together PN patients, friends and colleagues to learn more about PN and FPN
      Using personal networks and social media to generate camaraderie and optimism about improving the lives of patients living with PN, and finding better treatments
    • Sharing your story with us, or in talks at local community centers or other locations to spread the word about PN and FPN.
    • Providing information to your state representatives on the importance of funding research for peripheral neuropathy
    • Helping us find champions for our mission among government agencies who might advocate for research funding
  • Help raise money to support the Foundation by hosting or leading:
    • Parlor Meeting: A strategic event that gathers together PN patients, friends and colleagues to learn more about PN and encourages donations
    • Jeans Day: Organize a jeans day at work in exchange for donations
    • Favorite Foods: Host a chili cook-off or ice cream social where entry fees go toward better treatments and research
    • Purple Day: Ask your child’s teacher to have a purple day at school to raise awareness and collect donations for peripheral neuropathy
    • Competition: Create a sports competition with an entry fee that raises funds for the cause. This could be anything from dodgeball to volleyball – let the competition begin!
    • Sporting Events: Start a walk in your hometown or register for an already established race, ride or color run as a peripheral neuropathy fundraising event!
    • Special Day: Turn your special day (baby shower, birthday, bat mitzvah) into a fundraiser toward a cure. Ask for donations in lieu of presents.
    • Dinner Party: Host a dinner party or large gala and invite your friends, family and colleagues. Have live entertainment and donated food and beverage to help make the evening a success.
    • Night Out: Host a girl’s night out or a Sunday brunch at a local restaurant and charge a cover fee that will go towards finding a cure for peripheral neuropathy.
    • Tournament: Organize a golf tournament and charge participants for creating a foursome, secure prizes or giveaways to help raise critical funds.
    • Tribute: If you are having a memorial service, create a page so people can donate online in lieu of flowers to help find a cure.
    • Lemonade Stand: Have your kids put up a lemonade or hot cocoa stand and let them be a part of finding better treatments for peripheral neuropathy patients.
    • Gym Class: Ask your gym if you can host a yoga, Zumba or spinning class challenge where people can pay an entry fee to raise funds.
    • Other ideas to help raise money for the Foundation are encouraged and welcomed.
  • Engage and expand the Foundation’s online community by:
    • Becoming an online ambassador to spread awareness and/or raise money.
    • Helping FPN expand its social media footprint.

Do you have professional, business, or other skills, expertise or talents to share? We would love to hear from you!

As a member of the Ambassador Committee, we encourage you to actively collaborate with FPN staff and keep them apprised of your projects and interests.


  • Provide goals, analysis, tools and support to ensure you can be informed and successful, including timelines and talking points for outreach.
  • Create and share information by website, social media, mail, and email to keep you and FPN’s network informed about programming, patient stories, health tips, and the latest research findings.
  • Provide opportunities for you to engage with the Foundation’s Board of Directors and/or the Scientific Advisory Board.
  • Allow early and/or discounted registration opportunities for FPN events, patient conferences and webinars.

Join FPN’s new Ambassador Volunteer Committee today!

To learn more about volunteering with FPN on the Ambassador Committee, please contact us at [email protected] and let us know what you’re interested in helping with.