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Upcoming Events

E-Bike Tour Across the U.S.

April – August 2022

Dr. Gregory Maassen will be e-biking solo across the United States from Washington, D.C. to San Francisco, a 3,400 mile journey, to raise awareness and support for peripheral neuropathy research and education.

Gregory will follow the historic Lincoln Highway, in the footsteps of a young President Eisenhower, on the route that inspired the creation of the Interstate Highway System, and now, will forge a new transcontinental cycling route, and new hope for peripheral neuropathy discoveries.

Gregory, who will bring along traditional wooden shoes from his native country, the Netherlands, founded E-bike Lovers to provide members with free, high-quality e-bike travel experiences. His training for the tour includes over 2,000 miles of riding since November 2021 in Washington, D.C. Highlights of Gregory’s 3400 mile fundraising journey are as follows:

April 2, 2022: Start of Journey: More than 60 stops following the Eisenhower-Lincoln Highway Transcontinental Cycling Route:

Segment 1: Washington DC to Pittsburgh – 340 miles
Segment 2: Pittsburgh to Fort Wayne – 366 miles
Segment 3: Fort Wayne to Clinton – 395 miles
Segment 4: Clinton to Avoca – 391 miles
Segment 5: Avoca to Gothenburg – 336 miles
Segment 6: Gothenburg to Laramie – 315 miles
Segment 7: Laramie to Salt Lake City – 500 miles
Segment 8: Salt Lake City to Ely – 270 miles
Segment 9: Ely to Carson City – 326 miles
Segment 10: Carson City to San Francisco – 354 miles

 August 1, 2022: Anticipated final stop in San Francisco.

Join Gregory on his tour, keep up with his journey or cheer him on! For updates on his tour, check the website, www.ebiketour.org.

Support Gregory and FPN in our quest for peripheral neuropathy research and education.  Donate to the One Cent Per Mile Campaign!

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Join us in improving the lives of peripheral neuropathy patients.
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