What You Support


What You Support

By volunteering or donating, your support goes a long way!

Below is some of the important work that your support helps us to achieve:

  • Our educational programs offer important and timely information to patients and their caregivers.
  • We advocate on your behalf to increase funding for peripheral neuropathy, which helps to advance both research in the field and awareness to this condition.
  • By funding research grants, we advance knowledge, facilitate key partnerships, and offer collaborative platforms for the most gifted scientists in the field.
  • We bridge between the patient and scientific community to ensure that needs are met on both sides.
In short, your support is essential to enable the Foundation to carry out its goals and help the millions of peripheral neuropathy patients lead better lives.

Who We Are

The Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy is a public charity foundation committed to fostering collaboration among today’s most gifted and dedicated neuroscientists and physicians. These specialists from around the country will help us maintain a comprehensive view of the field and determine the research areas that hold the most promise in neuropathy research and treatment to develop new and effective therapies that can reverse, reduce and one day eliminate Peripheral Neuropathy

It is our ultimate goal to utilize every means and opportunity to dramatically improve the lives of those living with this painful and debilitating disorder.

We can’t be who we are without YOU.