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February 2024

February is dedicated to MMN (Multifocal Motor Neuropathy) Awareness and Rare Disease Day on February 29 – yes, it’s a Leap Year! We invite you to help us spread awareness of these important initiatives, get connected to educational opportunities, and read more about all the great research we’re funding. All this and more can be found in this month’s e-news issue. Enjoy!

FPN funds 2024 Clinical Research Training Scholarship in PN

We are excited to announce Francesco Michelassi, MD, as the newest award winner for his research in chemo-induced peripheral neuropathy. We thank our partners, the American Brain Foundation and the American Academy of Neurology, for helping to select the best research study in a very competitive pool of candidates for the Clinical Research Training Scholarship in peripheral neuropathy.

Let your voice be heard: Sign our PN awareness week proclamation letter

Thanks to Stacey U., an FPN volunteer, we are ramping up our awareness week efforts with a proclamation. You can participate by asking your local council members and mayors to support our national endeavor – proclaiming the first week of May 2024 as Peripheral Neuropathy Awareness Week.

If you’d like to help, download our proclamation letter

Please fill in the highlighted, editable areas on the 1st page: your local council member’s name, your city, your name and contact information, and a short personal story. Then, send it off to your local leadership.

New PN biobank discovery

In November 2023, a new discovery was made about neuropathic pain in patients suffering from idiopathic peripheral neuropathy. Using data from the Peripheral Neuropathy Research Registry, our research partners completed an important analysis that led to an important discovery. This breakthrough could potentially alter how we assess patients with neuropathic pain and how we treat them.

This research is now published in a renowned research journal.

Webinar: Preventing Neuropathy with Shanna Patterson, MD

Join FPN’s Patient Education Advisor, Dr. Patterson from Mount Sinai Medicine, on Thursday, February 29, from 1-2pm CT, for a live webinar on the prevention of peripheral neuropathy. Diagnosed patients are also encouraged to attend for helpful tips and resources shared to those already affected. 

Register now.

Understanding the Connection Between Polyneuropathy and hATTR Amyloidosis

In September 2023, FPN and Alnylam Pharmaceuticals hosted an educational webinar about hereditary ATTR (hATTR) amyloidosis and its connection with polyneuropathy. Check out the program summary for more information and additional resources by clicking below. Content sponsored and provided by Alnylam Pharmaceuticals.

Click here.

FPN Webinar Recording: A Holistic Approach to Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

In case you missed it, the recording for our well-received webinar on A Holistic Approach to Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy is now available for viewing on our website.

We encourage all PN patients to learn from our guest panelists from the fields of neurology, integrative medicine, acupuncture, and physical therapy.