September 2023

Understanding & Managing Chronic Pain

According to a report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), at least one in five American adults live with chronic pain, and for nearly a third of them, the chronic pain frequently limits their life or work activities.

In this article from Brain & Life Magazine, researchers try to learn why some people develop chronic pain and others do not, along with some methods that may help to mitigate it.

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New Research Project Underway

A new epidemiologic study with idiopathic, small fiber neuropathy (SFN) is underway using data from FPN’s unique PN biobank – comprised of over 2,500 human DNA samples intended for research. This project aims to evaluate whether key variables are differentially distributed between subgroups of patients with idiopathic SFN in comparison to patients with SFN due to diabetes, chemotherapy, or HIV.

Learn more about this and other research projects underway that FPN funds through the Peripheral Neuropathy Research Registry.

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Anti-MAG Publication in “Muscle and Nerve”

Anti-MAG neuropathy refers to a rare autoimmune-associated cause of PN. In this case, the person’s own immune system (specifically, the IgM monoclonal antibodies) attack nerve cells required for a healthy peripheral nervous system – resulting in a slowly progressive and debilitating condition. Patients often experience loss of mobility, muscle weakness, balance, numbness, and pain in varying degrees.

Three neurologists recently published an outstanding review of this condition. Read more.

“Reaching for Better Tomorrows” with Van Salmans

FPN Board Member and PN patient Van Salmans shares his personal story with FPN and why he’s pledging to match $50,000 in gifts to FPN from August 1, through September 30, for the sole purpose of funding more research.

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CBD Oils for PN Pain

CBD oil has gained popularity in recent years as a potential natural remedy for various health conditions, including peripheral neuropathy pain. This article from Discover Magazine explores how CBD oil works to provide relief from neuropathy and the mechanisms behind its effectiveness.

Read more and learn about the top CBD products in 2023.

New Patient Group Partnership: The Autoimmune Registry Inc.

Meet FPN’s newest patient partner group — The Autoimmune Registry Inc. (ARI). They are a hub for research, statistics, and patient data on all autoimmune diseases – including PN. Its goal is to streamline data on autoimmune diseases so that researchers can better understand the complexity of this class of diseases and discover new treatments. ARI also connects patients to eligible clinical trials to facilitate the research and approval of new treatments for autoimmune diseases.

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