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Richard Easley: An Investment in Better Health – For All of Us!

I’ve had peripheral neuropathy for about 10 years though I wasn’t officially diagnosed with idiopathic neuropathy until several years ago. My neurologist gave me neurontin, told me there’s no cure and “have a nice life.” Does that sound familiar? Too many of us have heard it. 

I settled for taking the medication, eating better, doing low impact exercise every day (tai chi works for me), and waiting for a cure. Unfortunately, since that time, not much has changed in effective treatments, and we don’t seem to be any closer to a cure.

Today, I’m pretty sure the cure isn’t coming during my lifetime. Our disease, though affecting 20,000,000 Americans with varying severity, is not really a killer. And, probably because it isn’t life-threatening, it doesn’t get the attention or funding that other diseases do that can affect a smaller portion of the population. 

When I finally realized I couldn’t just wait for others to fund better treatments, and perhaps a cure, I searched for an organization to which I would give money. I picked this Foundation for several reasons: 

  • Jack Miller, the founder, has PN.
  • The Foundation’s primary focus is research to find new and effective treatments, and eventually a cure. 
  • The Foundation is funding a patient research registry that will be used collaboratively by those doing the research it funds.
  • Last but certainly not least, The Foundation is efficiently run by experienced professionals. 

So, simply, what I’m saying is this: Without money research doesn’t happen, and PN just isn’t getting the funding that you’d expect – or hope – given the number of people with the disease.

If those of us that have PN, or have a relative or friend with PN, don’t step up to help fund the research, there won’t be new treatments or a cure. 

I am asking you to join us by giving what you can, plus a little more, to fund research for the treatment, and a cure, for PN. Your donation is an investment in better health for all of us. 

Mr. Easley’s story is all too familiar, but he knows that together we can make a difference.

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