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March 2024

As the chilly winds of winter give way to the gentle warmth of spring, we find ourselves amidst a season of transformation and renewal. With each new bud and blossom, we are reminded of the potential for growth and progress in the field of neuropathy research. Please join us as we look forward to brighter days ahead for our PN community.

Thank you to our generous donors for continuing to support our mission. Our 2023 Donor Roll is now posted on our website.

Peripheral Neuropathy Advocacy

Our advocacy efforts continue to get great results

In the third year for peripheral neuropathy research eligibility, three PN applications received funding through the Department of Defense’s CDMRP program. In FY23, these research projects were awarded in totality approximately USD$3.3 million.

Read about the funded discovery award for research on a new therapy for neuropathy.

Read about the funded investigator-initiated research awards exploring a groundbreaking approach targeting local B cells to prevent and treat neuropathic pain.

PN Biobank: A valuable resource for YOUR research

At the core of our research initiatives is the Peripheral Neuropathy Research Registry (PNRR). This biobank houses over 2,500 human blood samples from thousands of individuals living with PN.

Please consider using these biospecimens for your next research project.

Hear firsthand from researchers and our dedicated board members about the importance of this valuable resource – the only PN biobank in the world.

Patient profile: Jeff K.

Jeff was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy nine years ago, with noticeable issues emerging in the last two years.

“What keeps me going is the hope that research will bring new possibilities and the belief that being physically active has given me some control over the progression of my PN,” says Jeff.

Read his full story.

March 20 webinar: Alternative therapies that enhance balance

Please join us on Wednesday, March 20, to learn from LeeAnn Manoni, DC, about therapies that can improve communication from the brain to the body to enhance balance. She’ll also touch on home therapies, nutrition and supplements for you to consider discussing with your doctor.

Register now.

Anti-MAG neuropathy: historical aspects, clinical-pathological correlations, and considerations for future therapeutical trials

Norman Latov, MD, PhD, of Cornell University and other experts recently published findings on a rare, autoimmune form of neuropathy – anti-MAG. The paper reviews what is already known about anti-MAG neuropathy, how it progresses and available treatments. It also talks about how to plan studies to test treatments for it.

Read the full publication.

Furthermore, a nationwide study was conducted in Japan to learn more about the prevalence and clinical profiles of patients who are impacted by anti-MAG neuropathy. Read the study’s findings here.

J&J Partnership Announcement

We’re proud to announce an exciting new partnership with Johnson & Johnson. One of the world’s leading healthcare companies, J&J joins FPN as an esteemed 2024 Ambassador Impact Partner. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our mission to advance research and education for individuals affected by peripheral neuropathy.

Read the full announcement here.

Now recruiting for IVIG clinical trial

Now recruiting for a study that will look at an intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) treatment and test its efficacy on small fiber neuropathy.

More information on the study overview, participation criteria, location and the study investigators can be found on