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How a PN patient maintains hope

Meet Jeff K., an FPN supporter and volunteer, recent retiree, and resident of West Hartford, CT

Jeff K. was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy (PN) nine years ago, with noticeable issues emerging in the last two years. The initial diagnosis followed back surgery, and his neurosurgeon at Mass General in Boston referred him to a neurologist due to numbness in his feet.

“I have idiopathic PN, and over the past two years, the loss of leg strength has become a significant issue, possibly linked to spinal stenosis. Despite trying various treatments like supplements, chiropractic sessions, and acupuncture, the progression has stabilized in the last year. Thankfully, I haven’t experienced severe pain, but I’ve witnessed the struggles of many in online chat groups.”

Managing his neuropathy

Jeff works to manage his PN through a habit of daily exercise that focuses on the muscles he believes have atrophied. He incorporates lifting weights, riding a stationary bike, and swimming to slow down the impact of his diagnosis.

“What keeps me going is the hope that research will bring new possibilities and the belief that being physically active has given me some control over the progression of my PN. My advice for others? For those with extreme pain, find support and channel your energy into something meaningful. If your symptoms are more manageable, like mine, keep moving – stay physically active. In both cases, sharing your story and advocating for more research can give you a sense of control over your journey.”

Thank you, Jeff K.

The Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy is proud to partner with folks like Jeff to address the inadequate research funding relative to the widespread impact of 30 million Americans living with peripheral neuropathy. We thank Jeff K. for sharing his story with us.

After a successful career in corporate banking, Jeff K. became the Chief of External Relations for Ascentria Care Alliance, a large human services organization in Worcester, MA. Jeff resides with his wife, Rebecca, and is a proud parent of three grown children and a grandchild.

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