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Patient Stories


Chris advocates for peripheral neuropathy awareness

Chris F. is a resilient and dedicated individual residing in Madison, Wisconsin. Chris has led a remarkable life marked by a thriving business career and a strong commitment to family. Over three decades, he navigated the complexities of entrepreneurship, describing it as an exhilarating journey filled with challenges and triumphs. With 48 years of marriage under his belt, four children, and 10 grandchildren, Chris places immense value on the bonds of family.

Socks and gloves

However, life’s journey took an unexpected turn when Chris, a diabetic, found himself neglecting his health, unwittingly paving the path for peripheral neuropathy (PN) to enter his life. The gradual onset of numbness in his feet, “like wearing socks and gloves,” signaled the onset of his diagnosis. Armed with a fervent desire to reclaim his life outside of pain, he delved into research, stumbling upon the Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy’s website. As a patient grappling with diabetic neuropathy, Chris recognized the urgency of proactive management.

Managing his diagnosis

In his pursuit of relief, Chris adopted a comprehensive wellness regimen. This included daily practices such as yoga, meditation, and swimming alongside alternative therapies like acupuncture and laser treatment. He also made significant changes to his diet, eliminating sugar and dairy while reducing carbohydrate and alcohol intake. Chris emphasizes the critical role of managing blood sugar levels for individuals with diabetes to prevent peripheral neuropathy and mitigate its effects. “Stay away from this diagnosis!” Chris warns.

Spreading Awareness

Chris extends his support to the Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy, recognizing the shared struggles of millions facing similar challenges.

In 2023, Chris helped spread peripheral neuropathy awareness in his Madison, WI, hometown by hosting a private reception for his close friends and family. The reception program included a presentation on the status of peripheral neuropathy research and information about the mission of the Foundation, featuring FPN’s Scientific Advisory Board Chairman, Dr. Nathan Staff of Mayo Clinic and FPN Executive Director, Lindsay Colbert.

Why does Chris stay involved? He envisions a world where awareness and collaboration lead to effective solutions for peripheral neuropathy, creating a community where individuals come together to confront this condition head-on.

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