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May 2022

Q&A with Dr. Shanna Patterson


During FPN’s most recent webinar, Lindsay Colbert, FPN Executive Director, was able to get answers to many popular patient questions from Dr. Shanna Patterson.

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Addressing Low Vitamin D Levels to Reduce PN Risk


Researchers found that low levels of vitamin D and the prevalence of peripheral neuropathy were common in patients with multiple myeloma, suggesting that addressing the former could help prevent the latter.

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Keep up with Gregory on his E-Bike Tour Across the U.S.


Gregory recently stopped by the Chicago area and met with FPN! You can catch up on his story here.


To find out where Gregory is now, click here.

Does Long COVID After Mild Infection Lead to Small Fiber Neuropathy?


Preliminary studies show that some patients have shown symptoms of small fiber neuropathy after COVID-19.


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Gene Therapy shows promise in treating neuropathy from spinal cord injuries


A team at University of California San Diego School of Medicine has made progress in identifying gene therapy to be effective in treating nerve pain from spinal cord injuries in mice.


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Peripheral Neuropathy Awareness Week Concludes, With Thanks To All Who Took Action!


Peripheral Neuropathy Awareness Week 2022 may be ending, but we cannot let it pass without thanking everyone who shared posts on social media, submitted their stories, or took action during the week.


There is still time to take action for Peripheral Neuropathy Awareness.



Must-See Programs


Want to learn some cooking tips? Ever wonder what Small Fiber Neuropathy is and the difference between Large Fiber? Do you have anti-MAG neuropathy? These topics (plus more!) will be featured in our upcoming programs. We hope you will join us for these educational sessions.

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