Selecting the perfect sandals to carry you from July 4th to Labor Day is crucial! Often times, this task is even more difficult when you have diabetic peripheral neuropathy or neuropathic symptoms in your feet, including pain, weakness or numbness. 

If you are struggling with nerve damage in your feet, here are some ideas on what to look for in a sandal:

  1. A thicker, more rigid sole. Flimsy and thin soles at discount stores just won’t cut it!
  2. Good arch support. Give your feet enough support while you walk to lower your risk of aggravating existing or developing new foot issues.
  3. A heel strap. Not mandatory, but can be helpful if you tend to be unstable on your feet.
  4. Avoid thong sandals. Sores can be caused by the rubbing in between the toes.

Please click here for a few suggestions on sandals for people living with peripheral neuropathy.

For more information on the importance of foot health for patients with peripheral neuropathy, watch our webinar featuring Dr. Jeffrey Lehrman, podiatrist.