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Michael’s Story: Let Your Birthday Help Us All!

MICHAEL WRIGHT has had neuropathy for about six years. Living in Charlotte, NC, with a supportive family, Michael has not let his neuropathy get the best of him. He has become a true activist, helping other patients with peripheral neuropathy and finding ways to bring attention to peripheral neuropathy and raising money for research. Michael founded the support group, Peripheral Neuropathy Success Stories! which has a Facebook group, online support meetings, and one-on-one support through the Buddy Up! program. In the following post, Michael tells us his story on steps he has taken to raise awareness and raise money for peripheral neuropathy.

Facebook Fundraisers

When was the last time that you raised money for a good cause? Have you ever? Let me share a way that I raise money each year for THE FOUNDATION FOR PERIPHERAL NEUROPATHY. Maybe you know about Birthday Fundraisers on Facebook. I discovered how easy they are to set up and I began doing them a few years ago. I try to raise more and more each year, and this year I set my goal at $700. Surprisingly, I raised $850! Usually, I post my fundraiser on Facebook about ten days before my birthday and I leave it active for about a week following my big day. This year, it took me only a few days to reach and SURPASS my goal! TWELVE of my friends donated!

If you are like I am, you occasionally mention your neuropathy to your friends. I try not to wear it on my sleeve, but I am fairly transparent. Therefore, when I post a fundraiser and suggest that dollars donated will result in more research for better treatments and perhaps even a cure, many of my friends are eager to help. I never ask them one on one; they see my fundraiser and they step up. I bet your friends will do the same. People like to help their friends! It’s human nature.

Think about the collective impact we can make if we all do this! The Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy exists to advocate for us through supporting neuropathy research and education. By helping them, we are actually helping ourselves! I hope you will consider doing a fundraiser during your next birthday month. I challenge you to beat my own $850 fundraiser donation! Let me know if you do!

Are you interested in doing a birthday fundraiser? Click this link!

Advocate for yourself and for all of us by helping the Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy.

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