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Northwestern University

Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation (NMFF) Department of Neurology provides treatment and research for a full range of neurological disorders. The mission of the Department is to provide the highest quality care and treatment for patients with neurological disorders. The department strives to develop to implement educational programs, and conduct basic and clinical research to uncover the causes and cures of central and peripheral neurological disorders, to advance new therapies, and to uncover the causes and cures of neurological diseases. NMFF physicians have areas of subspecialty interest in neurology, and many of them are national leaders in their field.

The Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy awarded NMFF seed funding to establish the Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy Comprehensive Care Clinic. The NMFF’s team of experienced neuromuscular physicians believes that a single-site/multidisciplinary approach to the diagnosis and treatment of peripheral neuropathy disease is the most effective for symptom control and improved quality of life. A comprehensive care plan would include the following treatments:

  • An evaluation and management visit with neurologist to confirm the diagnosis and severity of the condition.
  • A consultation with pain medicine specialist to address the patient’s discomfort from refractory pain.
  • On-site neurophysiology diagnostic testing (electromyography) to assess the degree of motor and sensory damage.
  • Physical therapy support to help the patient compensate for compromised function.
  • Nutritional counseling to teach patients how to mitigate further damage through diet.
  • Social work support to address the mental and emotional ability to cope with the effects of the disease and to identify community resources that would be of assistance.
  • Occupational therapy to direct life-style changes that may make living with the disease more tolerable.

FPN Peripheral Neuropathy Research Registry

Collaborative efforts between our partners and other institutions help us work toward a greater understanding of the cause and progression of PN. The Foundation is proud to provide the financial investments required to lead new medical innovations into the future. In addition to providing funding for the Comprehensive Care Clinic, we have awarded an additional grant to Northwestern to participate in our groundbreaking new patient registry for people with painful and non-painful neuropathies.

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Clinical Studies

Northwestern University, Chicago; ViroMed Biopharma Ltd., NJ

A research study is being conducted by ViroMed Biopharma at Northwestern University for the potential treatment of pain associated with diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN). Hepatocyte Growth Factor (HGF) is a protein that your body naturally produces in small amounts. Researchers have discovered that it can cause the growth of new blood vessels and protect nerves. VM Biopharma is conducting research on a drug (VM202) that increases your body’s production of HGF.

Along with other requirements, patients taking part in this study must:

  • Be between 18 and 75 years of age
  • Have a documented history of Type I or Type II diabetes
  • Have been diagnosed with DPN in both lower legs
  • Have pain in both legs for at least 6 months
  • Have been treated for diabetes for at least 3 months, with no new symptoms

For more information, please visit the study website – VM202. Or, you may contact the study coordinator at Northwestern: Benjamin Joslin; (312) 503-7504 or email: [email protected].

Clinical Trial