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  • Jan 18, 2024

    Clinical Research Training Scholarship Recipient Announced

    The Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy (FPN) is pleased to announce the 2024 Clinical Research Training Scholarship (CRTS) recipient for peripheral neuropathy (PN), Francesco E. Michelassi, MD, PhD, Neuromuscular Research Fellow,…
  • Jan 11, 2024

    New PN Biobank Research Discovery!

    In November 2023, a new discovery was made about neuropathic pain in patients suffering from idiopathic peripheral neuropathy. Using data from the Peripheral Neuropathy Research Registry (PNRR), the Foundation for…
  • Jan 3, 2024

    FPN Funds IMAGiNe Study for anti-MAG Research

    Through the generosity of our donors, the Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy (FPN) was able to support the IMAGiNe study with a $165,000 research grant to fund new patient enrollment for anti-MAG neuropathy. $90,000…
  • Nov 13, 2023

    FPN Welcomes Dr. David Bennett

    The Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy (FPN) welcomes Dr. David Bennett, MB, PhD, to the Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), effective November 2023. The SAB advises both the Board of Directors…
  • Oct 28, 2023

    Helping PN Patients Directly

    My name is Sumedha, and I am a current high school senior in Maryland. Though I do not have peripheral neuropathy (PN) and do not know of anyone in my…
  • Oct 3, 2023


    Sotirios from New Jersey shares his inspirational journey of SFN: from diagnosis to symptom management, showcasing persistence in the face of adversity. “Am I having a heart attack?” That is…
  • Sep 7, 2023


    Introduction to Anti-MAG Neuropathy Anti-MAG neuropathy refers to a rare auto-immune associated cause of peripheral neuropathy (PN). In this case, the person’s own immune system (specifically, the IgM monoclonal antibodies)…
  • Aug 7, 2023

    Coping with Chronic Pain

    My name is Brooke Gottesman. As a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) working in mental health since 2004, I am currently in part-time private practice in NY with a specialization…