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April 2022

Advocacy Update: Call to Action


FPN is continuing its campaign to make funding available for research on peripheral neuropathy. We need your help… again!


FPN (and the scientific community) were pleased to see that over $8 million in grant funding was awarded to research focused on peripheral neuropathy under the Department of Defense’s (DoD) Peer Reviewed Medical Research Program (PRMRP) for 2021.


We were equally pleased to see the action taken by Congress to designate “peripheral neuropathy” as a condition eligible for research funding under the PRMRP again for 2022.


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Ebike Tour Across the US


Did you hear about Gregory’s Maassen’s amazing journey across the U.S. by electric bicycle? To find out more about his journey, go to his website ( Cheer him on, ride alongside him, or donate to support peripheral neuropathy

“Long COVID” and Peripheral Neuropathy


Some patients with “long COVID” have incident neuropathy, according to a study published in Neurology: Neuroimmunology & Neuroinflammation.

Dr. Anne Louise Oaklander, M.D., Ph.D., from Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, and colleagues analyzed cross-sectional and longitudinal data from patients with World Health Organization-defined long COVID without a prior neuropathy history or risks who were referred for assessment of peripheral neuropathy. Seventeen patients were tracked for 1.4 years on average.

The researchers found that 59 percent of the participants had one or more test interpretations confirming neuropathy.

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Save the Date: Peripheral Neuropathy Awareness Week:

May 1-7, 2022 


Check your emails before and during the week to learn how you can get involved.

Increased Physical Activity Reduces Risk of PN in T1 Diabetic


Adults with type 1 diabetes for 50 years or more are less likely to have neuropathy if they performed at least 150 minutes of physical activity weekly, according to study data.

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And click here to read more about exercise on FPN’s website.

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Experts Unveil NS-RADS, a New MRI-powered System for Classifying Neuropathy


MRI images of peripheral nerve pathologies have helped experts develop a new reporting and data system for classifying neuropathy.

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FPN Patient Education Webinars


We kicked off our 2022 Patient Education webinars with two informative sessions in March:


Kristy Townsend, PhD, gave a crash course on how to vet sources of medical and scientific information. You can watch the recording here.


FPN held its first PN Patient Roundtable. Four people living with peripheral neuropathy shared how they manage and cope. You can watch the recording here.


Watch your emails for more webinars coming up this month and in the months to follow.


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