July 2021

One Step Closer


The research study on Anti-MAG peripheral neuropathy is progressing nicely, with more sites and patients participating throughout the world. FPN is pleased to play an integral role in supporting these research efforts for physicians and patients affected by this rare form of PN.


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An Anti-Inflammatory Diet May Enhance Brain Health

In the past few years, research has clarified the influence of inflammation on various neurologic conditions. As evidence accumulates about the dangers of chronic inflammation, scientists are looking at how food can aggravate or ease the problem.

Within this article from Brain and Life are tips on avoiding processed foods, making better choices on the go, and 10 smart anti-inflammatory food swaps.


Cannabinoid Survey for Chronic Pain

Researchers from the University of Rochester and Harvard Medical School are conducting a survey to help better understand how people living with chronic pain feel about using cannabinoids, including marijuana and CBD, to treat their pain. They want to learn how well cannabinoids have worked for those who have tried them. The goal of this survey is to learn about peoples’ experiences and opinions to inform future research, policy, and patient care with cannabinoids for chronic pain.

The survey should take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. You must be at least 18 years old to respond.

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For more information or questions about this research, you may email Jennifer Gewandter, PhD, MPH ([email protected]) or Roy Freeman, MD ([email protected]).  


Living Well with Peripheral Neuropathy: Ask an Expert!

There is still time to register for this month’s patient education webinar. Dr. Shanna Patterson, FPN’s Patient Education Advisor, will be answering YOUR questions.

Join us on Friday, July 16, at 2:00 PM ET.

Register here.

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Free Search Tool for Medical Expertise

Although this search tool should not be a replacement for your medical care or PN information source, we thought you might find this resource of interest! Use it to help you find the right specialist when you need to consult on a complicated case or to stay in-the-loop on important new research. It’s a free, objective, data-driven resource built specifically for physicians, scientists and patients.

Visit Expertscape. Enter a medical term and hit “submit.”

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