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May 2021

New Research Study Underway using FPN’s Biobank, the PNRR

The Scripps Research Institute, in collaboration with Protego Biopharma and the Kelly Laboratory, have gained access to plasma samples from the Peripheral Neuropathy Research Registry (PNRR) for a unique research study on the biochemical mechanisms of amyloid diseases. 

This study will use samples from the Foundation’s biobank (the PNRR) to target various therapeutics that are either in development or already in use for the treatment of these disorders. Samples from idiopathic, chemotherapy-induced and diabetic neuropathy patients between the ages of 30 and 70 are being used.


Click here to learn more about this and other current research studies using PNRR samples.


Peripheral Neuropathy Awareness Week 2021: May 9-16

With 30 million people in the US alone with peripheral neuropathy, it is a wonder that more people are not aware of the condition. We need your help to raise awareness for peripheral neuropathy – and the need for more research to find new treatments and someday a cure. 

This week, let’s come together to raise #PeripheralNeuropathyAwareness during Peripheral Neuropathy Awareness Week (May 9 – 16) and beyond!

Learn more.


Don’t Miss our Educational Programs

This past month, FPN hosted two educational programs on Healthy Eating and Physical Exercise for patients with peripheral neuropathy. We hope that you enjoyed these programs and encourage you to re-watch them at your leisure.

Our next program on foot care will be held on May 20, and will welcome Dr. Jeffrey Lehrman, a podiatrist. In this webinar, Dr. Lehrman will share how patients can ensure the health of their feet, why this is important, and some tips and best practices in foot care for patients with PN, particularly diabetic peripheral neuropathy. Registration is still open!

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Alnylam Presents Positive Results from HELIOS-A Phase 3 Study of Investigational Vutrisiran

Alnylam announced positive results in its latest study of the therapeutic Vutrisiran for the treatment of polyneuropathy and neuropathy associated with Hereditary ATTR Amyloidosis. The newest therapeutic not only has exhibited positive results in the treatment of HATTR Amyloidosis and associated symptoms, the administration of this newer version of the therapeutic is by injection once every three months, as compared to other recent treatments for HATTR which require an intravenous application every few weeks. More study is needed, but the implications for patients impacted by the disease are positive on many levels.

Read more.

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Looking for a Neurologist?

Thanks to our friends at the Peripheral Neuropathy Success Stories! Facebook group, we recently expanded our directory of neurologists and pain management specialists. 

If you need a recommendation, or similarly want to let us know how great your neurologist is, please visit our online Neurologist Directory.

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