October 2023

Happy fall! With the changing of the seasons here in the Midwest, we’re looking forward to spending time outside in the cooler weather, enjoying slow-cooked meals, and curling up with a cozy read. PN can make it harder to enjoy this time of year, so we’ve put together some articles to help you find some daily joy while we continue to work toward improved therapies, and one day, cures.

“Persistence,” by Sotirios

Meet Sotirios – a friend of FPN’s and a patient who suffers from peripheral neuropathy. Sotirios took time to share his story and journey with us, and we’re pleased to now share it with you.

Read his story here.

Matching Gift Update

Thanks to the generosity of Van Salmans and our amazing donors, we’re reaching for better tomorrows for all PN patients by funding more research.

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Hereditary Neuropathies & The Benefits of Genetic Testing

On October 11, at 11:30 a.m. ET, FPN welcomes Amanda Peltier, MD and Emily Brown, MGC, CGC to discuss hereditary neuropathies and the benefits of genetic testing. During this webinar, our experts will address the problem of misdiagnoses and the benefits of getting genetic testing early on, to lead patients down the right path for treatment. This program will also address the value of genetic counseling for families that are impacted by hereditary diseases. There will be a Q & A session following the presentation.

Link to webinar recording.

Fall Activities for Those with Chronic Illness

Looking for ways you can enjoy the autumn weather, even with peripheral neuropathy? Check out these recommended autumn activities for spoonies (those suffering from chronic illness).

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Best Shoes for PN

Finding the right footwear when you have neuropathy can be a real challenge. Here, Anna Wenner tries to narrow down the search, to help you find a place to start in your journey for the best shoes for your neuropathy.

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