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A Proclamation for PN Awareness

By Stacey Udell, PN patient and FPN supporter

The Town of Huntington’s (NY) board meeting, on April 11, 2024, was a truly unforgettable experience for me, as I had the honor of receiving a proclamation on behalf of FPN (the Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy) for Peripheral Neuropathy Awareness Week. It was an incredibly touching and meaningful acknowledgment of FPN’s efforts, with Supervisor Ed Smyth graciously reading the proclamation to a packed auditorium of attendees, including the town’s appointed board members.

The atmosphere was charged with energy as various community leaders, business executives, local citizens, and attorneys gathered to discuss pressing community bonds and development issues. It was the perfect platform to share FPN’s message, reaching a diverse and engaged audience.

To my surprise and delight, I was called to the podium as the second recipient of an award, sparking considerable attention right from the start of the meeting. It was a humbling moment, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the recognition.

Following the meeting, I immediately set out to express my gratitude. I plan to send a heartfelt handwritten thank-you note to Supervisor Smyth and his dedicated staff, including his deputy supervisor, John McCarron, with whom I had a fruitful discussion about FPN after the meeting.

While I await responses from other government and community leaders across Long Island and New York, I remain steadfast in my commitment to advancing FPN’s mission. The journey continues, and I’m eager to push forward with renewed vigor.

This experience has only fueled my passion for our cause, and I’m more determined than ever to make a difference. As we forge ahead, I’m filled with gratitude for the support we’ve received and the opportunities that lie ahead.

Save the date: PN Awareness Week 2024

Peripheral Neuropathy Awareness Week is May 5-11, 2024. If you would like to help with PN awareness efforts by requesting a proclamation from your local government, use our template to submit the necessary information to your local municipality.

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