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FPN Funds IMAGiNe Study for anti-MAG Research

FPN Funds IMAGiNe Study for anti-MAG Research

Through the generosity of our donors, the Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy (FPN) was able to support the IMAGiNe study with a $165,000 research grant to fund new patient enrollment for anti-MAG neuropathy. $90,000 of these funds were spent in 2022, which resulted in over 150 new patients enrolling in the study. In 2023, an additional $24,750 was spent, funding 66 new patient enrollments.

The IMAGiNe Study

The IMAGiNe study is an international research collaborative, overseen by a team at UMC-Utrecht, Netherlands, focused on patients with anti-MAG peripheral neuropathy. The objectives of the study are to identify clinical and biological criteria to help the neurological community monitor and predict the progression of this rare form of peripheral neuropathy, and to identify effective treatments.

Our Research Partners

FPN is pleased and honored to work with research institutions across the world to support this study and advance research understandings on anti-MAG peripheral neuropathy.

Our research partners for the IMAGiNE study currently include:

  • Aarhus University Hospital (Denmark)
  • Hopital Bicetre AP-HP (France)
  • Hospices Civils de Lyon (France)
  • Istituto Clinico Humanitas (Italy)
  • Clinical Center of Serbia (Serbia)
  • Institut Sant Pau (Spain)
  • Johns Hopkins University (USA)
  • Michigan Medicine at The University of Michigan (USA)

Future Support for anti-MAG PN

Through the continued growth of patient enrollment with our current partner institutions around the world, we’ll continue to expand our database and biobank, and fill a major gap in medical research on anti-MAG through this study. We’re eager to continue and expand this level of support in the future, and hope to expand research partnerships to ensure that more patients have access to enroll.

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